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Palais Royal : +13479606455, +79264253738

“Palais Royal” Fine Art Gallery offers since 2006 young and talented artists a platform to present artworks made in the last years. Gallery’s emphasis on solo exhibitions will result in presentation of some of the most exciting contemporary art from our artists across the globe (Art Miami, Art Monaco, International Art Fair in Moscow). Valentin Revelioti is our celebrity and one of the most talented artist in seascapes in the world. Alexey Adamov is very famous in Russia and China for his exceptional landscapes. Serge Grigorash praises his beloved Crimea in fantastic picturesque works. Vasiliy Bratanyuk is an artist of eminence - the whole world knows him as "Russian Degas".

  "Palais Royal Art Gallery" performs to the world the best of traditions of "southern Russian school of painting" in creative works of contemporary artists.
   The south part of Russia has given to the world many famous names:  Repin, Kuindji, Aivazovsky, Kandinsky, Vrubel, Brodsky, Pasternak.
   For example, the first known painting by Kandinsky - "Port of Odessa" (end of 1890) was first exhibited in Odessa, where he began as an artist.
      South Russian school of painting” is the phenomenon of something bright and original. It is distinguished by emotional warmth and beauty. This is not a trend or style, though reminds the outward signs of Impressionism. It is a space where the transparent shadows dictate terms and conditions. It determines the choice of priorities: the color is more important than form, the state is more important than gesture.

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